Dr Gabrijella Kocjan and Dr Tim Beale in the US/cytology clinic

The work of the Centre is reliant on expert investigation and opinion from our entire multidisciplinary team. This includes: -

Mr Paul O’Flynn ( multidisciplinary team MDT Chair)
Mr Nicholas Kalavrezos ( clinical lead )
Mr Laurence Newman
Mr Colin Hopper
Mr Francis Vaz.

Each of the surgeons has supra-specialist interests.

Professor Michele Saunders,
Dr Tova Prior
Dr Dawn Carnell
Prof Christopher Boshoff
Dr Anna Casoni
Dr Jeremy Whelan

Specialist Anaesthetists
Our surgical team is fully supported by dedicated anaesthetists and expert pre-assessment of fitness for surgery. Dr Anna Fowler attends the MDT meeting weekly to advise on anaesthetic aspects of care.
Dr Catriona Ferguson,
Dr Anil Patel,
Dr Neil Randhawa,
Dr Viki Mitchell,
Dr Miriam Chapman,
Dr Simon Clarke
and Dr Raman Verma make up the rest of our specialist anaesthetic team.  

Dr Tim Beale
Dr Simon Morley
provide Ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning.
PET scanning is also available.

Dr Gabrijella Kocjan examines small samples obtained by fine needle biopsy under US guidance.

Dr Andrew Gallimore
Dr Amrita Jay
Prof Murray Walker
Dr Alan Ramsey

These pathologists analyse samples taken for diagnostic purposes and the tissue removed at the time of surgery to check the nature of the tissue and tumour, and the margins around.

Clinical Nurse Specialists
Rachel Caplan, XXXXX  Maggie Witcher.
These three full time clinical nurse specialists support the work of the centre, providing assistance with psychological support for patients and their families, practical help with pain control and access to community and hospice care. They work closely with members of the palliative care team.

The role of the clinical nurse specialist
Our aim is to support you, the patient, and your family, at the time of your diagnosis and throughout your treatment.

The clinical nurse specialist works with you and the rest of the team to give you support, information and advice during this time. Whilst you are in hospital we can offer help and advice with pain and other symptoms, and support with the psychosocial and emotional problems sometimes associated with head and neck cancer.

We act as your key worker. We liaise with the community healthcare team that will be caring and providing support for you when you are at home, and can also recommend support groups so that you can meet others with a similar problem. 

Your district nurse is likely to be linked to your GP surgery, and you may wish to contact them before your treatment starts. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is part of our work, and we are able to refer you to the smoking cessation service or alcohol liaison service at the hospital.

Our aim is to provide you with expert advice to maximise your independence, dignity and quality of life.  We complement other services that are available to you and act as a link between hospital, home, and your local healthcare team

Speech and Language Therapy
Annette Kelly
Chris Payten,
Roganie Govinder
Chrissy Bryant
Kate Katsoulis ( from April 2008 )
Sarah Eli

The nature of Head and Neck disease means that in many cases either the disease itself, or the treatment involved, causes poor voice or swallowing difficulty.

A team of speech and language therapists headed by Annette Kelly investigates and treats these problems. Our team of highly specialist and dedicated speech and language therapists, with combined experience of over 40 years in the profession, provides services to head and neck cancer patients.

As core members of the head and neck cancer multidisciplinary team, we provide care to patients locally and as a national tertiary centre. We have recognised expertise in dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), voice and laryngectomy rehabilitation, tracheostomy, palliative care and research.

Our team are all members of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and registered and regulated by the Health Professions Council. more

Louise Perkins
Bella Talwar
Steven Hannah
Louise Perkins

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